Social Media Best Practices

In 2009, social media marketing spending hit $4 billion. A 68% increase in 2010 grew that amout to about $7.5 billion. Today 11 cents of every ad dollar spent online goes to social media campaigns. Social networks continue to create new opportunities for marketers to target users at a frenzied pace.

Emerging traffic sources through social networks present new marketing innovations like never before. Paramount to advertising via social network is marketing in accordance with the policies of the social networking site.

Social media marketing not only attracts new customers for brands, but it creates deeper relationships with existing customers. What social media marketing encompasses continues to be defined, cultivated and optimized for even better returns.

When it comes to marketing via channels like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace abiding the specific advertising terms and conditions is paramount. At we have direct relationships with all the major social media sites and work closely to represent our advertisers and affiliates in their needs and concepts for driving traffic.

A prominent goal of compliance in the social media space is education and communication. As new features are added to social network platforms, savy affiliates look to monetize traffic. Our role on behalf of our advertisers and affiliates is to make sure opportunities support a sustainable, long-term business model. These issues present unique challenges as emerging techniques and inherent issues evolve daily. By working directly with the social networks and closely collaborating with our social media publishers, can help you build your brand, generate quality leads and capatilize on this new and compelling channel.


Successfully navigating social networks for online marketing means knowing and abiding by the specific terms and conditions of each social network. We work closely with social networks to ensure our policies and practices reflect the best practices suitable for this evolving marketing niche. Below are some of the principle guidelines found in today social media world.

  1. Do not impede the intended user experience or upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available content any content which restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the site.
  2. Refrain from activity which involves the transmission of junk mail, chain letters, or unsolicited mass mailing, spamming, spimming, emailing or other mass communication.
  3. Avoid automated use of the site including scripts which add friends, send comments, send messages or post blogs.
  4. Do not proliferate or publish any information that you know is false, misleading or deceives users as to the validity of an account or account activity or impersonates an individual or entity.
  5. Avoid compromising user account integrity, including the gaming of logins and passwords, or attempting to collect, harvest or provide login and/or passwords.

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