Affiliate Application Process - We have a thorough application and evaluation process that each prospective affiliate must pass before being approved to run offers for our advertisers.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions - Each affiliate who joins the network must agree to adhere to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions, which include standards that are even more stringent than required by current government regulation. Additionally, mobile affiliates have a specific set of obligations which they must agree to, outlining the specific practices mandatory for compliant mobile marketing.

Education - It's not enough that we understand online advertising best practices, we need to ensure that our affiliates and advertisers have a clear understanding, as well. Inter-office training is regularly provided, in addition our compliance team is very active presenting and speaking at online marketing events and in attendance at regulatory hearings and panels.

Verifying Best Practices - Our compliance team has developed a process that regularly checks the ad content and overall marketing programs generated by affiliates, as well as the content generated by the a dvertiser.

Top Notch Team - Our compliance effort is comprised of legal, tech and marketing. Oversight of all network activities falls on the compliance team, who monitors qualitatively and quantitatively across all traffic sources and offers. Affiliate managers work closely with publishers to provide guidance on compliance issues that effect all forms of online marketing.

Investigating Issues - All internal reviews and external complaints are investigated applying various methodologies. We have developed a variety of standards specific to particular types of marketing programs, to better target our evaluation procedures and proactive fraud prevention initiatives. In addition to responding and vetting issues completely, at we take a very proactive approach to ensure that all of the leads provided to our advertisers are generated through marketing initiatives that comply with all legal guidelines, our own Affiliate Terms & Conditions and the restrictions set forth by specific brands and campaigns.

Taking Action Over Violations - Based on the specifics of the violation, we will take the appropriate responsive steps.

The Future - As the online marketing industry continues to grow, our compliance program will evolve to address the changing technology, marketing media, and legal regulation - providing our advertisers with a trusted source of high-quality, high-value leads.