Compliant Online Advertising Best Practices

Deceptive advertising causes a host of problems. Advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, and ads that are deemed deceptive can result in expensive investigations, large penalties and extensive operational requirements; not to mention the reputational damages incurred if a judgement is the result of an FTC investigation.

Further to the concerns of FTC actions, advertisers encounter problems with leads driven through confusing or deceptive messaging. When an end user converts on an offer under false pretense or a misunderstood commitment, the result is an invalid user of no value. To secure quality leads, we collaborate closely with publishers to ensure marketing produces leads with real value.

Online advertising features many dynamic opportunities through a variety of traffic channels. One of the easiest ways to ensure a new, innovative traffic source is generating quality leads for our advertiser is to test the campaign at a low volume. Simple up front measures like this minimize issues. We're all about growing your business and we want to make sure leads sent to you are sustainable and valuable.

  • Pop-ups may be a valid, targeted driver of contextual leads, or a perceived nuisance to users.
  • Search marketing can be a high quality pathway to interested consumers, or a misleading representation which causes uninterested consumers to be deceived to sign up or buy products they aren’t interested in.
  • Email marketing is one of the original methods for identifying millions of potential consumers with a promotion but it can be percieved as spam.
  • Social media presents an engaged and trusted marketplace with valuable, targeted marketing of products and services. It can also make unsuspecting users victims of misleading marketing ploys.

The most significant component to determining best practices for your campaigns is a solid relationship with our advertisers and a clear understanding of the metrics and variables affect performance. We offer a wealth of legal expertise and a supportive, experienced team of online professionals looking forward to working with you to grow your campaigns and revenue to the next level!

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