As an affiliate, the three main focuses as it relates to fraud and compliance are:

Getting Paid

Minimizing legal liability

Establishing Trusted Partnerships

How to Make Compliance Work For You

Getting Paid

For 10 years we have been working with many of the most successful affiliates in the industry. Our commitment to helping our affiliates growing their business includes keeping them up to date on of our legal and compliance policies. Our compliance team prides itself on putting tremendous effort into reaching positive outcomes when issues are identified. Rather than act as enforcer, our compliance team uses its understanding of marketing technology and law to come up with solutions.

Affiliate marketing is a business and the confidence that you will be paid for the leads you drive is paramount. As one of the longest standing, most successful affiliate networks in the industry, we are here for the long term. While networks continue to enter the market, their financial stability is untested, while ours is rock solid.

To make sure it stays that way, we credit check our advertisers to make sure we are partnering with fiscally sound compaines. While the nightmare scenario of advertisers disappearing overnight, leaving networks and their affiliates holding the bag does happen in an industry where barriers to entry are so small, at we make sure the advertisers we work with are not only reputable, but financially stable.

In addition to delinquent fund issues, affiliate payments can also be in jeopardy as a result of traffic issues and advertiser disputes. As an affiliate at we guarantee you will not go unpaid without cause. We will fight for payment and have gone as far as taking legal action to secure payment for our affiliates. We will be transparent with you as to the behind-the-scenes efforts to resolve payment disputes. These matters can take time, as investigating and validating traffic involves multiple layers of qualitative and quantitative analysis, but we will keep you in the loop. We have an obligation to our advertisers and our affiliates to see that contracts are honored and the favorable outcome is always to resolve these issues positively. Reputation is extremely important to us and resolving lead disputes and payment issues is given great attention, when the challenge to be a stand-up partner is most tested.

Minimizing Legal Liability

Driven by constant innovation, the world of affiliate marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and so do the laws regulating the space. A consistent threat in affiliate marketing is legal enforcement actions brought against affiliate networks, advertisers and individual affiliates. At we go to great lengths to protect our interests and the online ecosystem as a whole. While certain verticals hold great promise and profits, we review our offers and marketing tactics to ensure the line between conversion and concern isn’t being crossed. Our compliance team is in the trenches every day referencing legal developments that affect all verticals and types of online marketing.

We have been an industry leader in developing best practices that are applied industry wide. Most notably in the emerging mobile space we have had a huge impact on the mobile frontier's foundation. We continue to be an asset both to our affiliates and advertisers in the mobile space.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable of all online traffic sources. We provide extensive CAN-SPAM training to our affiliate management team, advertising partners, as well as our premier email affiliates. By alleviating legal concerns and providing training on CAN-SPAM our publishers can focus on maximizing their email marketing profitability with confidence in their practices.

While we are quick to innovate and capitalize on opportunities, we aren't going to be reckless in exploiting opportunities which amount to legal risks for ourselves, our affiliates or our publishers.

Running with means you will be able to draw on our deep industry experience, legal expertise and best-practices methodology. Our compliance team is the industry-leader in compliance and we will collaborate with you to help safeguard your interests from legal liability and make sure you can promote our offers with confidence.

Establishing Trusted Partnership

Your success is our number one priority. It starts with a commitment to helping you maximize your potential. By providing you with offers, information and training in compliance, catered to your specific business needs, traffic source(s) or niche, you can focus your efforts on generating traffic and making money.