As an advertiser, one of the biggest concerns you have in working with an affiliate network is the fraud prevention and compliance support you will receive. At - we've been at this for a decade - and we know how to do this better than anyone else in the industry. In fact, we're sort of obsessed.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Online Traffic Security

Reducing Legal Liability

Establishing Trusted Partnerships

Proactive Fraud Prevention

As one of the longest standing, most successful affiliate networks in the industry, our compliance and security efforts present a clear cut competitive advantage. When it comes to compliance and online security - we just do it better.

With our 10-year history comes valuable experience. Working with means you will draw on our deep industry knowledge, legal expertise and best-practices methodology. Our compliance and security team is the industry-leader in fraud prevention and quality assurance. We will collaborate with you to safeguard your offers from any vulnerabilities, to ensure the highest quality of traffic.

At it isn't new for us to have technical and operational solutions to support the generation of high quality leads for your offers. While other companies have scrambled to put together a great pitch on their fraud prevention efforts and issue a lot of PR, we've been busy developing and executing a plan which truly sets us apart.

Our proactive process begins with two major components, a pending process which ensures only reputable, trusted, legitimate affiliates are accepted into our network and technology which continues to evolve with emerging demands.

One of our foremost goals is to identify and resolve issues prior to an advertiser even being aware of the issue. As an advertiser, we will partner with you, closely monitor traffic to your offers, and check in with you on publisher performance when we notice anomalous activity. We will notify you of potential fraud , rather than playing wait and see.

Vetting potential publishers isn't just a best practice for a network, it's an absolute necessity. Our new publisher application process has served us well in blocking fraud publishers attempting to join our network. A full-time pending analyst takes on the role of role of gatekeeper. Extensive training and continued education ensures good publishers are accepted and publishers looking to commit fraud are turned away. We have clear cut evaluation criteria to qualify publishers, and we revisit the process regularly to keep in step with the latest attempts at thwarting our evaluation criteria. The process includes matching payment forms, such as W9s and being vigilant to changes in affiliate account information. We also work closely with partner networks to make sure bad publishers aren't finding safe havens. Recognizing that fraud affiliates aren't good for the ecosystem as a whole, we recognize even with the competition, we all win by blocking fraud affiliates from the pool of affiliate networks. In an industry where barriers to entry are so small, short-sighted publishers are plentiful. By separating the invalid publishers and preventing their easy access into our network we prevent problems.

Affiliate fraud can be extremely damaging and costly - and it's impossible to identify, let alone manage without the right tools. Managing a successful fraud prevention program must incorporate cutting-edge technology.

Applying a bold defensive strategy, we have developed proprietary API features to enhance our fraud deterrence based on our intimate knowledge of what black hat publishers attempt to do and where vulnerabilities arise. Tailoring our safeguards to the vertical, traffic source, or brand sensitivities of an advertiser means we are addressing the right concerns accurately. In addition, we have the unique ability to apply real-time metrics for isolating potential issues. Our investment in additional technology to supplement fraud detection substantiates our efforts to combat the problem of fraud and lead quality issues.

Our Top Account status with our tracking platform Direct Track ® means we pass through a level of tracking sophistication that is more robust in its accuracy and validation tools than anything in market. Applying a hybrid tracking system which is not only cookie-based means vulnerabilities applied by "black hat" publishers are automatically rejected and never register. Invalid leads are proactively eliminated. In addition, the system applies TARGUS info Integration for lead scoring, which rejects leads based on invalidation variables and is cross referenced against over 90 billion data points for quality assurance.

Online Traffic Security

We aren't going to wait for a complaint, or a situation to become expensive to initiate an investigation when it comes to fraud prevention. On any given day, there are 10's of millions of clicks taking place on CPA offers at, so how do we safegaud that much volume from all the various opportunities for fraud?

1. Keep it a daily process. It's easier to see fraud if you keep the parameters manageable. Spikes tend to stick out. It can be mundane checking stats each day, but that's good. Boring in fraud prevention means all is well. If from one day to the next an offer or publisher pops up into the top 25, dig into where the traffic is coming from.

2. Follow the money. Like most crimes, there is a financial motive to perpetrators of internet fraud. Look for spikes, especially on high payout offers.

3. The bewitching hour. Look for spikes in conversions during off hours and holidays. Don't fall prey to fraud affiliates that strike when they assume no one is looking. In the middle of the night the cockroaches come out and so do the bogus leads generated by fraudulent means. Don't forget holidays either.

4. Understand metrics and how things work. Search, email, social media, media buys, incentive and PPV all have different standard conversion ranges according to the specifics of an offer. Compare proven quality affiliates to those you are investigating. Understand an offer restricted to a certain type of traffic should have a certain conversion range. Overly high conversions always deserve a look.

5. Think critically. Who is this affiliate that came from nowhere and is now a top publisher? If this affiliate indicated PPC, why don't the referrals reflect it? If this is really email, why are there no email referrals?

6. Look for consistencies. 2 leads a day, at the same time every day is worth a check. Sure, it could be resulting from a targeted setting in the PPC campaign, but don't assume. Duplicate IPs or IPs that sequence from the C block are often a fraud indicator. Again, there could be geo-targeting in place, but your job is to check. The internet has over 1.7 trillion users are its open 24 hours a day. If leads are coming in at even intervals, or if there's any consistency, statistically it's an anomaly worth exploring.

7. Inconsistencies can reveal fraud too. You wake up one morning and an affiliate who has run PPC is now converting on "Email only" offers. Usually, you're going to hear about it before someone changes from one traffic type to another. If there has been no communication, research and ask questions to make sure the new traffic source is trustworthy.

Now, there's one last thing that makes traffic security successful -- an orchestrated integration throughout our organization. We have ingrained the importance of fraud detection so everyone, in every role, shares in the responsibility. From our affiliate managers to our accounting team, every touch point in our organization has the training and is empowered to identify and flag questionable activity. While AMs are the first line of defense against affiliates running bad traffic, and our fraud team is obsessed day-in and day-out, everyone plays a part.

Reducing Legal Liability

Driven by constant innovation, the world of affiliate marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and so do laws regulating the space. A consistent threat in affiliate marketing involves legal enforcement actions brought against affiliate networks, advertisers and individual affiliates. At we go to great lengths to protect our interests and the online ecosystem as a whole. While certain verticals hold great promise and profits, we review offers and marketing tactics to ensure the line between conversion and concern isn't being crossed. Our compliance team is in the trenches every day, monitoring legal developments that affect all verticals and types of online and mobile marketing and passing relevant updates back to our advertisers.

When regulation causes shifts in marketing messaging or tactics, we invest the time and effort in addressing these issues.

Our compliance team is the industry-leader in compliance and we will collaborate with you to safeguard your interests from legal liability and make sure your offers are being promoted in manners which abide by the complex legal landscape and your own specifications.

We have been an industry leader in developing best practices that are applied industry-wide. For years, we have been making a huge impact on shaping best practices for the mobile frontiers. Carriers, advertisers and publishers widely recognize our comprehensive expertise in creativity a sustainable affiliate marketing future in mobile marketing. Balancing the controls and demands of one side of the issue with the creativity and opportunities of the other, we've long been a leader in mobile marketing and we continue to be an asset to our affiliates and advertisers in the mobile space.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable of all online traffic sources. We provide extensive CAN-SPAM training to our affiliate management team, advertising partners, as well as our premier email affiliates. By alleviating legal concerns and providing training on CAN-SPAM, our publishers can focus on maximizing their email marketing profitability with confidence in their practices. Our advertisers can trust that the email traffic being sent to their campaigns is in compliance with the regulations of CAN-SPAM. We are always available to answer your questions on email compliance. For more information check out: CAN-SPAM 101 or read our recent blog for the MailerMeetup event at AdTech NYC.

Establishing Trusted Partnership

Your success is our number one priority. Working together we will develop and apply a fraud and compliance program catered to your specific business needs, traffic source(s) or niche. When it comes to preventing fraud, we’re in a league of our own.

To help protect you and your investment, and give you confidence in partnering with us, we provide the ability for you to tailor your campaigns with multiple settings. You can open your offer to our entire network or completely lock it down to selected affiliates - it's all up to you. You'll have the ability to control how your offers are available to our affiliates and what types of traffic you want coming through. We can put a cap on the maximum number of transactions that can come through for an affiliate or a campaign to allow you test and evaluate your leads. Other simple settings, such as blocking domains, geo-targetting that restricts which countries are allowed to run the offer and proxy rejection are all commonly build into the offer structure to prevent unwanted traffic.

One of the big buzzwords of compliance is "Transparency". Communication is key, and our compliance team is dedicated to working closely and openly with you to minimize problems and maximize returns.