With compliance and fraud concerns growing, affiliate networks need to take aggressive steps to protect the publishers they work with and the brands they represent. Our compliance and security team is the industry-leader in fraud prevention and quality assurance. We take a collaborative approach to educate our affiliates, not just on the legal consequences of fraud, but on the quality needs of the advertisers and brands we work with.

Non-compliance and invalid leads are ever present challenges facing the online marketing industry. While overcoming these issues present a monumental task, we, along with many in the industry, have realized the potential risks of not tackling these problems far supersede the challenge. At, our motivation to have the most compliant network in the industry can be found deeper - even below our bottom line.

At the very root of who we are and what we do at is a set of core values, which include Integrity and Responsibility. We strive to demonstrate our commitment to each of these values through both our words and our actions. Our commitment to high ethical standards is not just a way to maintain compliance with industry regulators and land new clients; it exemplifies the type of company we are and how we want to do business.

We are focused on leading our industry in all matters relating to delivering compliant online advertising and quality leads. We have committed significant time and resources to developing and constantly enhancing the industry's foremost compliance and fraud prevention program. We look forward to working with you to ensure that we continue to exceed expectations in all of our compliance and fraud prevention efforts.